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Understanding and Addressing Gender-Based Violence

Course Fee: €FOA
Course Duration: 8 weeks

Course Content

This course focuses specifically on

  • Gender-based violence against women.
  • Non-emergency development settings.
  • Lower-income countries.

Module 1: Understanding Gender Based Violence

Unit 1 explores the complex relationship between gender inequality and gender based violence from a human rights perspective. It defines GBV in its many forms and outlines the scale of the problem in global terms. It also provides in-depth analysis of how social-cultural forces contribute to the creation and reinforcement of rigid gender roles and unequal gender relations and how these can lead to GBV. It also argues that GBV constitutes a violation of women’s basic rights as human beings and discusses harmful traditional practices from this rights perspective.

Unit 2 explores the link between poverty and GBV and outlines the direct and indirect costs of it and both household and macro-economic levels in lower-income countries. It also examines how GBV threatens the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the areas of health, HIV and AIDS, education, livelihoods and female participation in development.

Module 2: Addressing Gender Based Violence

Unit 3 defines what is meant by GBV prevention and response and outlines the desired qualities of interventions that are co-ordinated across all sectors and levels of society. It explores key issues and progress at different levels within each sector and offers examples of promising/best practice in the field.

Unit 4 explores the challenges for development practitioners and organisations of addressing GBV in terms of policy and practice. It outlines the importance of ethical organisational policy and practice to protect beneficiaries from sexual abuse and exploitation by aid and development professionals and introduces the concept of gender mainstreaming. It also explores ethical, methodological and practical challenges in relation to research, monitoring & evaluation and engaging men.


After they have read the material for each unit, students are expected to test their own learning by completing some relevant exercises and comparing their answers to the ones provided.


In order to demonstrate their understanding of the course content, students will be required to submit 2 assignments: one on Understanding Gender Based Violence and one on Addressing Gender Based Violence.

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