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Brenda Gahan

Breda Gahan, a Nurse and Midwife with a Masters Degree in Public Health, currently holds a position as Global HIV and AIDS Programme Advisor with Concern Worldwide. For the past 20 years she has worked with Concern Worldwide. Since mid 2002 she supports Concern’s Overseas HIV and AIDS Programme in its 30 countries of operation, and is supporting Concern’s HIV and AIDS mainstreaming response to the pandemic globally.

Breda has worked as Senior Staff Nurse on the HIV and AIDS Unit in St. James’s Hospital in Dublin Ireland; as Primary Health Care Manager with Concern Sudan supporting rural health workers; as Field Health Officer and Programme Manager for Concern Cambodia; and as National Health Advisor and Field Health Officer for Concern Mozambique. From 1998 to 2002, she was Concern Worldwide’s Overseas Health Programme Advisor, operating out of both the United States and Ireland, spending at least one-third of her time overseas. Her main responsibilities included Health Advisor to the USAID funded Child Survival Programmes in Bangladesh and Rwanda and advising and supporting the Policy Unit in developing core programmes for Emergency and Primary Health Care.

In June 2001, Breda participated in the UNAIDS Special Session in New York, and she represented Concern Worldwide at the International AIDS Conferences in Barcelona in 2002 and in Bangkok in 2004. In June 2006 she participated with the Irish Government delegation at UNGASS to amplify advocacy objectives agreed with the Dochas (Irish Network) HIV and AIDS Working Group with whom she currently holds the position of Chairperson.

Breda participated with Concern and partner staff and Alliance2015 working colleagues at AIDS 2006 in Toronto. Focus areas of her current position are HIV and AIDS policy and strategy development, international and national level HIV and AIDS advocacy, technical support for Concern field staff and representational and networking roles. She is also a member of Concern’s Rapid Deployment Unit. (KDSC Associate)

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