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Urban Poverty Reduction in Uganda: Government-Run Market Infrastructure and Vendor Expectations in Kampala Capital City Authority

Uganda has been faced with rapid urbanisation but with an infrastructural deficit (ADB 2009, p.v). Recently, Uganda has embarked on investment in market infrastructure development with support from World Bank and other development partners following a feasibility study carried out in 2008. From the feasibility study, the need to facilitate increased marketing and general improvement …

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Labour Rights and Conditions of Work for Domestic Workers: A Focus on the Experiences of Adult Female Live-in Paid Domestic Workers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Domestic services engage millions of domestic workers throughout the world – the majority of whom are women and girls. Regardless of their number, this group of workers are usually invisible; hidden behind doors at the home of their employers. In this regard, the conditions of work for domestic workers has been an issue of concern …

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