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Changes in Land Tenure in Rural Liberia since the War and its Effects on Access to Land A case study of people’s perception in Lower Bokomu Clan, Gbarpolu County

I investigated changes in land tenure in rural Liberia, specifically focusing on changes in land tenure since the war and its effects on access to land in Lower Bokomu Clan, Gbarpolu County. I focused on four key elements of land tenure including access, use, control and transfer. The objective of the research was to understand …

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‘The Search for a Farang’ – Gender Based Violence and Women’s Involvement in Tourism-Related Prostitution in Pattaya, Thailand

Having worked for some years with women involved in prostitution in Ireland I went to Pattaya, Thailand in 2005. Here I encountered a prostitution industry on a scale I had never encountered before, catering mainly for the tourist market. As I got to know some of the women involved, I discovered that, while much was …

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Labour Rights and Conditions of Work for Domestic Workers: A Focus on the Experiences of Adult Female Live-in Paid Domestic Workers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Domestic services engage millions of domestic workers throughout the world – the majority of whom are women and girls. Regardless of their number, this group of workers are usually invisible; hidden behind doors at the home of their employers. In this regard, the conditions of work for domestic workers has been an issue of concern …

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Gendered Effects of Pastoralist-Cultivator Conflicts on Family Livelihoods: A Case Study of Buliisa District, Uganda

Pastoralist-Cultivator conflicts are not new phenomena in the world and in Uganda in particular. Such types of conflict have existed in Uganda before and in other countries. This study investigated the gendered effects of pastoralist–cultivator conflict on family livelihoods in Buliisa district. The study explored changes in gender relations, livelihoods strategies and coping mechanisms of …

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Exploring Sukuma Traditions that Protected Women Against Intimate Partner Violence: A Case Study of Buswelu Village in Mwanza region, Tanzania

This research entitled “Exploring Sukuma traditions that protected women against domestic violence”, explores the possibility of using indigenous knowledge as a strategy of preventing the prevalence of domestic violence against women in Tanzania. The study is based on the views of 90 respondents (31 questionnaire respondents, 14 interview respondents and 45 focus group discussion participants) of …

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The Role of the Irish State in Dealing with Human Trafficking: What are the Constraints on Current Practices of the Main State Organisations in Tackling Human Trafficking and Protecting its Victims in Ireland?

Human trafficking is internationally recognised as a complex and multi-faceted criminal act that violates human rights of vulnerable groups of people, especially women and children. As a consequence, national and international policies have been adopted and are now in operation. The Irish State has made available resources and services to facilitate the implementation of the …

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Gender Mainstreaming: Rhetoric or Reality? A Case of VSO Tanzania

Gender mainstreaming was identified as a key approach to achieving greater gender equality, during the Fourth UN World Conference on Women in 1995. Despite a great deal of research being carried out on why challenges persist for implementing gender mainstreaming within development organisations, there has been very little enquiry into the particular challenges that volunteer-sending …

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Secondary School Enrolment Dropout Rates for Girls and its Effects on Women’s Contribution to Household Income: A Case Study of Kellem Secondary and Preparatory School, and Microfinance Women Groups of Catholic Church Integrated Food Security Project in Dembidollo and Sayo Woreda, Kellem Wollega Zone of Oromia Region, Ethiopia

This research sought to find out whether secondary school enrollment dropout rates for girls adversely affect women’s contribution to household income to get out of poverty, or of successful secondary school enrollment helps women increase household income to overcome household poverty. This research has found out that demand/supply factors are the main causes for girls’ secondary school dropout in Ethiopia. From …

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An Experiential Analysis of the Post-Trafficking Policies Applicable to Women in West Bengal, India

Many people believe slavery to be a shameful, age old concept that thankfully ended before they were born. The tragic reality is that more slaves exist today than ever before, and numbers are increasing. This phenomenon is labelled ‘human trafficking’ in contemporary parlance and affects more women than men, with a significant concentration in South …

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