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Do Some Things Never Change? An Analysis of Colonial Discourses of Trusteeship in International Short-term Volunteering

This research aims to explore to what extent and in what ways discourses of ‘trusteeship’, expressed in colonial discourse, are reflected in international short-term volunteering discourse. This involves exploring a sample from short-term volunteering discourse sourced from reports written by short-term volunteers and dispersed on the internet. I identify elements within the sample that are …

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Through a different lens: The potential impact of development education on a short-term volunteer

This study examines the potential impact that development education could have on a short-term volunteer. It also recommends ways in which a short-term volunteer sending organisation could adopt a development education programme into their organisational approach. In order to research the potential impact of development education I use two Irish short-term volunteer sending organisations in …

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For Whose Benefit? Host Community Perceptions of the Role of Short-term International Volunteers in Development. A Case Study of BREADS (Bangalore Rural Education and Development Society) Karnataka, India.

Short-term international volunteering is a phenomenon that has grown rapidly in the last ten years with hundreds of organisations now offering opportunities for people to ‘make a difference’ in countries of the Global South. Motivations vary from the self-centric to altruistic and organisations are attracting large numbers who travel overseas to engage in volunteer work. …

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Gender Mainstreaming: Rhetoric or Reality? A Case of VSO Tanzania

Gender mainstreaming was identified as a key approach to achieving greater gender equality, during the Fourth UN World Conference on Women in 1995. Despite a great deal of research being carried out on why challenges persist for implementing gender mainstreaming within development organisations, there has been very little enquiry into the particular challenges that volunteer-sending …

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