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The Role of Care and Treatment as Social Supports for People Living with HIV in Benin City, Nigeria

In 2008 alone, 2 million people died of HIV and AIDS-related illnesses worldwide. The Fifth National HIV and AIDS Conference which held from May 2nd to 5th in Abuja, Nigeria, reported the gaps that still exist in the care and treatment supports for people living with HIV (PLWA) in the country. This research which was …

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The Role of the Irish State in Dealing with Human Trafficking: What are the Constraints on Current Practices of the Main State Organisations in Tackling Human Trafficking and Protecting its Victims in Ireland?

Human trafficking is internationally recognised as a complex and multi-faceted criminal act that violates human rights of vulnerable groups of people, especially women and children. As a consequence, national and international policies have been adopted and are now in operation. The Irish State has made available resources and services to facilitate the implementation of the …

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