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The Impact of Decentralization on Development in Kenya: A Focus on the CDF in Kangundo Constituency

Kenya has been haunted by the issue of equity in resource redistribution (Bagaka 2008). Recently, Kenya launched a development strategy called Kenya Vision 2030 (GoK 2008) in which the prominence of equity in resource redistribution and poverty reduction is imperative. Under this Vision, devolved funds are expected to play a key role in realizing these …

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Urbanisation and the Human Needs of Slum Dwellers: A focus on Housing Needs in Ale Ywa Ward, HlaingTaryar Township, Myanmar

I have been working together with slum dwellers for five years and I have seen that most of slum dwellers live in very poor living conditions due to a lack of access to urban services and basic infrastructure. Most slum dwellers are seen as the main cause of social problems such as crime, alcoholism and violence. …

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Children’s Rights Policy and the Protection of Children in Nigeria: A Case Study of Children who are being accused of witchcraft in the Eket District of Akwa Ibom State

Witchcraft, as described by some anthropologists, is the supernatural action of witches, a term which they commonly use to describe people, usually women and children, suggested to have dealings with the devil or evil spirit. This is why Ekanem (2002, p. 268) suggests that witchcraft denotes the projection of supernatural evil by human instigation with …

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