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Urban Poverty Reduction in Uganda: Government-Run Market Infrastructure and Vendor Expectations in Kampala Capital City Authority

Uganda has been faced with rapid urbanisation but with an infrastructural deficit (ADB 2009, p.v). Recently, Uganda has embarked on investment in market infrastructure development with support from World Bank and other development partners following a feasibility study carried out in 2008. From the feasibility study, the need to facilitate increased marketing and general improvement …

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The Impact of Decentralization on Development in Kenya: A Focus on the CDF in Kangundo Constituency

Kenya has been haunted by the issue of equity in resource redistribution (Bagaka 2008). Recently, Kenya launched a development strategy called Kenya Vision 2030 (GoK 2008) in which the prominence of equity in resource redistribution and poverty reduction is imperative. Under this Vision, devolved funds are expected to play a key role in realizing these …

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