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Do Some Things Never Change? An Analysis of Colonial Discourses of Trusteeship in International Short-term Volunteering

This research aims to explore to what extent and in what ways discourses of ‘trusteeship’, expressed in colonial discourse, are reflected in international short-term volunteering discourse. This involves exploring a sample from short-term volunteering discourse sourced from reports written by short-term volunteers and dispersed on the internet. I identify elements within the sample that are …

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Where are we on the Rights Road? The Perceptions of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities of their Human Rights and the Degree to which these Human Rights are Fulfilled in their Lives

This thesis has grown out of twelve years personal and professional experience in the area of intellectual disability (ID) and membership of an inclusive human rights and intellectual disability steering group. As a result of seeing the daily struggles of people with intellectual disabilities to attain equality, independence and have their voice heard, I wanted …

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