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Community Management of potable water projects – Challenges for Sustainability: A case study of hand-dug wells in Shuwa and Potiskum Districts in North East Nigeria.

The 2006 Human Development Report looks at water as an issue that profoundly influences human potential and progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The report acknowledges that there is more than enough water in the world for domestic purposes, for agriculture and for industry. Despite the abundance of water in the world today, its …

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The Role of Care and Treatment as Social Supports for People Living with HIV in Benin City, Nigeria

In 2008 alone, 2 million people died of HIV and AIDS-related illnesses worldwide. The Fifth National HIV and AIDS Conference which held from May 2nd to 5th in Abuja, Nigeria, reported the gaps that still exist in the care and treatment supports for people living with HIV (PLWA) in the country. This research which was …

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The Causes of Violent Inter-Religious Conflict and Its Effects on Residential Relationships in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

Violent conflict in Nigeria, like other parts of the world, has created a rift in human relations, among many other effects. Conflict is inevitable as long as we live together, especially in a multi-ethnic, cultural and religious community. However violence leaves us with various forms of retardation and underdevelopment resulting from the destruction of lives …

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Household Basic Sanitation and Child Health: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices among Rural Communities of Orumba North, Anambra State of Nigeria in relation to basic sanitation.

Poor sanitation has been implicated in the increase in infant/child mortality and morbidity worldwide. It results in contamination of water, food and environment with faecal pathogenic organisms which consequently endanger the health of the inhabitants. Children because of many factors one of which is their poorly developed immune system are most vulnerable to poor sanitation. …

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Children’s Rights Policy and the Protection of Children in Nigeria: A Case Study of Children who are being accused of witchcraft in the Eket District of Akwa Ibom State

Witchcraft, as described by some anthropologists, is the supernatural action of witches, a term which they commonly use to describe people, usually women and children, suggested to have dealings with the devil or evil spirit. This is why Ekanem (2002, p. 268) suggests that witchcraft denotes the projection of supernatural evil by human instigation with …

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