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When the Personal is Political: An Appreciative Inquiry into the Relevance of Carl Rogers’ Theories to Development Relationships in Irish NGO Practice

The American psychologist Carl Rogers believed that as humans we have a natural tendency towards growth and empowerment. Placing his confidence in the innate capabilities and potential of the individual, Rogers maintained that when three core conditions of congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard are present, an environment that encourages growth and empowerment is created. …

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NGO Accountability – Policies and Practices in Ireland. A Focus on Trust – A Case study of Concern Worldwide

This research takes place at a time of immense change within the Voluntary and Community sector in Ireland. Calls for a reform of the legislation from inside and outside the sector have resulted in the Charities Act 2009. The objectives of this reform are to ensure accountability and increase transparency which it is hoped, will …

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NGO Accountability: The Case of Charities in Ethiopia

NGO influence and visibility have increased and stakes on their work are becoming greater. This has led to demands for better transparency and accountability by a multitude of stakeholders such as governments, donors, scholars and the public. NGOs in Ethiopia could not escape the pressure and the sector introduced codes of conduct to promote accountability. …

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Perceptions of the Role of NGOs in Promoting Development Education in Secondary Schools in Ireland

From the early 1970s missionaries returning to Ireland set up NGOs like Concern and Trócaire. From the outset a major part of their work was taken up here with establishing Development Education (DE) in schools. Gradually the State took a greater interest in the integration of DE in the curriculum and it currently has a …

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