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Lessons Learnt of Local Humanitarian Organisations in Myanmar: A Focus on their Capacity to Respond to Emergency Situations

From the year 2000 and onward, natural disasters killed over 1.1 million people, affected over 2 billion, and a estimated cost of USD 1.3 trillion economically and the annual economic loss to disasters averaging over USD 100 million (USTT 2012). The Union of Myanmar is prone to several hazards, one of the worst occurrences was …

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The Role of Corporate Private Sector in Disaster Response: A Case Study of Post Java Earthquake in 2006 in Yogyakarta

This thesis discusses the disaster response made by three corporate private sector during the relief phase of Java Earthquake in 2006, focusing on Yogyakarta Province. The involvement of the private sector is analysed using Complexity Theory, looking at the motive of the private sector to provide the assistance, the benefits that they gain from their …

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