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Immersion in Development Studies as a Source of Transformative Learning: A Narrative Analysis of the Transformative Learning Experiences of the Students of Kimmage Development Studies Centre

Transformative learning may occur when an individual critically reflects upon beliefs that limit or distort their perception of reality and chooses to explore alternative understandings that consequently change their way of seeing and acting in the world. The academic discipline of Development Studies aims to educate and train future agents of change within society. Both transformative …

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Storied Lives, Developing Lives: Encounters with Life Stories and Development Experiences in Madziabanago, Malawi

Development and stories are both about change. Development is about enabling and encouraging the kind of change that enhances people’s lives, and their ability to achieve both their individual and collective potential. Stories are about deepening our understanding of the processes involved in how and why people change. We all live and understand our lives …

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