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Lessons Learnt of Local Humanitarian Organisations in Myanmar: A Focus on their Capacity to Respond to Emergency Situations

From the year 2000 and onward, natural disasters killed over 1.1 million people, affected over 2 billion, and a estimated cost of USD 1.3 trillion economically and the annual economic loss to disasters averaging over USD 100 million (USTT 2012). The Union of Myanmar is prone to several hazards, one of the worst occurrences was …

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The role of emancipatory education in a refugee camp setting: A case study of the students of the GBS programme.

This dissertation is built on a case study of the Global Border Studies programme, a post ten programme delivered in Pu Dooplaya Junior College in Nu Po Refugee camp on the Thailand/Burma border. I took a post positivist approach and used life story interviewing techniques to gather data from nine of the twelve students who …

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The Role of Capacity Building Training in Community Development Work in Myanmar

Capacity building, through training in development interventions, has been utilized in Myanmar by many International Non-Governmental Organizations, Local Non-Governmental Organizations, Community Based Organizations and the United Nations Agencies. Those organizations aim to empower and develop human resources for effective development activities and organizational development. Although it has been practiced, there has not been any research …

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Urbanisation and the Human Needs of Slum Dwellers: A focus on Housing Needs in Ale Ywa Ward, HlaingTaryar Township, Myanmar

I have been working together with slum dwellers for five years and I have seen that most of slum dwellers live in very poor living conditions due to a lack of access to urban services and basic infrastructure. Most slum dwellers are seen as the main cause of social problems such as crime, alcoholism and violence. …

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