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Urban Poverty Reduction in Uganda: Government-Run Market Infrastructure and Vendor Expectations in Kampala Capital City Authority

Uganda has been faced with rapid urbanisation but with an infrastructural deficit (ADB 2009, p.v). Recently, Uganda has embarked on investment in market infrastructure development with support from World Bank and other development partners following a feasibility study carried out in 2008. From the feasibility study, the need to facilitate increased marketing and general improvement …

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The Effect of Government Relocation Policies on the Livelihoods Strategies of Poor Households: The Case of Basha Wolde Chilot

This research aimed at exploring the effects government relocation policies on the livelihoods strategies of poor urban households relocated from Basha Wolde Chilot, one of the poor urban neighborhoods in Addis Ababa, the Capital of Ethiopia. The research was conducted almost a year and half after the relocation had taken place. Qualitative method, interpretative epistemological …

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Storied Lives, Developing Lives: Encounters with Life Stories and Development Experiences in Madziabanago, Malawi

Development and stories are both about change. Development is about enabling and encouraging the kind of change that enhances people’s lives, and their ability to achieve both their individual and collective potential. Stories are about deepening our understanding of the processes involved in how and why people change. We all live and understand our lives …

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Gendered Effects of Pastoralist-Cultivator Conflicts on Family Livelihoods: A Case Study of Buliisa District, Uganda

Pastoralist-Cultivator conflicts are not new phenomena in the world and in Uganda in particular. Such types of conflict have existed in Uganda before and in other countries. This study investigated the gendered effects of pastoralist–cultivator conflict on family livelihoods in Buliisa district. The study explored changes in gender relations, livelihoods strategies and coping mechanisms of …

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Climate Change and Pastoralism: Vulnerability and Adaptation among the Karamojong Pastoralists of Uganda

This research examined the vulnerability and the adaptation strategies of the Karamojong pastoralists amidst climate change. Although pastoralists have demonstrated great resilience in harnessing natural resources in the drylands, the impact of climate change is threatening their livelihoods. To date little research has been done on how pastoralists cope with and adapt to the challenges …

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Small in Size but Big in Impact: The Role of the UMPL-B Mini-dairies in Expanding Livelihoods in Burkina Faso

The livelihoods of many small-scale dairy farmers in the developing countries are vulnerable and threatened by prevailing policies and institutions.   Despite their invaluable contribution to food security and sovereignty and to the local and national socio-economic development, – often they are the main providers of milk and milk products (Grain, 2011) – small scale …

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