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The role of emancipatory education in a refugee camp setting: A case study of the students of the GBS programme.

This dissertation is built on a case study of the Global Border Studies programme, a post ten programme delivered in Pu Dooplaya Junior College in Nu Po Refugee camp on the Thailand/Burma border. I took a post positivist approach and used life story interviewing techniques to gather data from nine of the twelve students who …

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Exploring the Role of Community Leadership in Empowerment: A case study of Qala-e-Ahmad Khan in Bagrami District of Kabul Province, Afghanistan

This research focuses to understand the role of community leadership in empowerment. The research explores how empowerment is understood and practiced, how the community leadership practices contribute to it, and finally explains the challenges in empowerment. Such a study is important to know the community based approaches to empowerment, which will help external¬†actors such as …

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