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Changes in Land Tenure in Rural Liberia since the War and its Effects on Access to Land A case study of people’s perception in Lower Bokomu Clan, Gbarpolu County

I investigated changes in land tenure in rural Liberia, specifically focusing on changes in land tenure since the war and its effects on access to land in Lower Bokomu Clan, Gbarpolu County. I focused on four key elements of land tenure including access, use, control and transfer. The objective of the research was to understand …

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Gendered Effects of Pastoralist-Cultivator Conflicts on Family Livelihoods: A Case Study of Buliisa District, Uganda

Pastoralist-Cultivator conflicts are not new phenomena in the world and in Uganda in particular. Such types of conflict have existed in Uganda before and in other countries. This study investigated the gendered effects of pastoralist–cultivator conflict on family livelihoods in Buliisa district. The study explored changes in gender relations, livelihoods strategies and coping mechanisms of …

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