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For Whose Benefit? Host Community Perceptions of the Role of Short-term International Volunteers in Development. A Case Study of BREADS (Bangalore Rural Education and Development Society) Karnataka, India.

Short-term international volunteering is a phenomenon that has grown rapidly in the last ten years with hundreds of organisations now offering opportunities for people to ‘make a difference’ in countries of the Global South. Motivations vary from the self-centric to altruistic and organisations are attracting large numbers who travel overseas to engage in volunteer work. …

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An Experiential Analysis of the Post-Trafficking Policies Applicable to Women in West Bengal, India

Many people believe slavery to be a shameful, age old concept that thankfully ended before they were born. The tragic reality is that more slaves exist today than ever before, and numbers are increasing. This phenomenon is labelled ‘human trafficking’ in contemporary parlance and affects more women than men, with a significant concentration in South …

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Experiences of self-definition within LGBTQ activism in Bangalore, India: the case of Sangama, its sub and splinter groups

From a post development perspective much of the emphasis on participation in current development discourse only incorporates local needs into external strategies. Sexual and gender expression needs are rarely incorporated into such strategies. This research investigated whether groups who functioned independently of foreign or state NGO structures were able to move past a nominal participation, …

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