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The Effect of Government Relocation Policies on the Livelihoods Strategies of Poor Households: The Case of Basha Wolde Chilot

This research aimed at exploring the effects government relocation policies on the livelihoods strategies of poor urban households relocated from Basha Wolde Chilot, one of the poor urban neighborhoods in Addis Ababa, the Capital of Ethiopia. The research was conducted almost a year and half after the relocation had taken place. Qualitative method, interpretative epistemological …

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Secondary School Enrolment Dropout Rates for Girls and its Effects on Women’s Contribution to Household Income: A Case Study of Kellem Secondary and Preparatory School, and Microfinance Women Groups of Catholic Church Integrated Food Security Project in Dembidollo and Sayo Woreda, Kellem Wollega Zone of Oromia Region, Ethiopia

This research sought to find out whether secondary school enrollment dropout rates for girls adversely affect women’s contribution to household income to get out of poverty, or of successful secondary school enrollment helps women increase household income to overcome household poverty. This research has found out that demand/supply factors are the main causes for girls’ secondary school dropout in Ethiopia. From …

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