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Investigating the Quality of Teaching in Primary Schools in Zambia and How it Affects Literacy Rates Among Learners: A Case Study of Three Primary Schools in Kasama District, Northern Province.

According to Zambia National Assessment Survey Report (2006), in Zambia, most of the pupils in primary schools are unable to read and write, they do not progress from one grade to another and the passing rates at grade 7 examinations is very poor. Therefore this piece of research was conducted in three primary schools of …

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The role of emancipatory education in a refugee camp setting: A case study of the students of the GBS programme.

This dissertation is built on a case study of the Global Border Studies programme, a post ten programme delivered in Pu Dooplaya Junior College in Nu Po Refugee camp on the Thailand/Burma border. I took a post positivist approach and used life story interviewing techniques to gather data from nine of the twelve students who …

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