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Exploring the Attitudes to Environment Protection within Irish Agriculture Sector: Focus on Livestock Waste Management.

This research topic came from my own interest in agriculture. In Rwanda, I spent many years trying to solve issues relating to environment protection, and tried to come up with new and innovative ways to find solutions to different problems. But during that journey in finding the solutions I learnt that in solving the environmental …

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Effects of food aid on household food security in Locard Village One, Insiza District; Matabeleland South Province, Zimbabwe

Food aid is a topical issue and different individuals and groups have different opinions about its usefulness. These varied opinions call for an evaluation of the benefits and effects of food aid to ascertain its relevance in an ever changing environment. The community of Locard has received food aid for the last six years as …

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Endogenous Development and its role in Climate Change Adaptation: A Case Study of CIPE’s Greenhouse Project in the Bolivian Andes

This research is an exploration of the themes of endogenous development and adaptation to climate change; of how those themes interact with each other; and how one may be useful in bringing about the other. A case study is used to illustrate those linkages and to consider their success. The research is conducted in the …

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Gendered Effects of Pastoralist-Cultivator Conflicts on Family Livelihoods: A Case Study of Buliisa District, Uganda

Pastoralist-Cultivator conflicts are not new phenomena in the world and in Uganda in particular. Such types of conflict have existed in Uganda before and in other countries. This study investigated the gendered effects of pastoralist–cultivator conflict on family livelihoods in Buliisa district. The study explored changes in gender relations, livelihoods strategies and coping mechanisms of …

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