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Development Briefs

This section of the website presents short articles and opinion papers from staff, current students, alumni, and other associates of Kimmage DSC on contemporary issues. These are not intended to be academic pieces but simply to share ideas, to inform, and to stimulate further reflections on topics that are likely to be of relevance and interest to participants and other visitors to this site.

Should you have an interest in submitting a short paper, please contract Paddy Reilly at paddy.reilly@kimmagedsc.ie for further details or to seek clarification on what is expected. Please feel welcome to share your thoughts and experiences!

Here are some general guidelines:

  • Papers should be written in an accessible fashion, i.e., the topics and language of contributions should not be too specialised nor overly technical. The papers should be of a good standard of English. Arguments will be better understood if they are presented simply and in less complex sentences.
  • Papers preferably will be original, previously unpublished work and should be around 1,500 – 2,000 words in length. See examples of previous papers.
  • Papers should be submitted in editable electronic format (e.g. Word, OpenOffice) to Paddy Reilly at paddy.reilly@kimmagedsc.ie, so that any necessary edits may be made. Please don’t send them as PDFs.
  • Please provide photographs: photos of the author(s) or related to the topic are most welcome.

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