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Dr. Fiona Baily

Picture of Fiona Baily

Dr. Fiona Baily

Dr. Fiona Baily has recently completed her doctoral study which examined the nature and implications of North-South partnerships for teacher education and research development; adopting case studies of partnerships involving Irish, Ugandan, Lesothan and Zambian institutions. This study was particularly concerned with critiquing the extent to which such partnerships support empowering and equitable development relations and contribute towards teacher education development.

Fiona completed her MA in Development Studies with Kimmage Development Studies Centre. She has worked in community development at home, and in Guatemala for three years. She has conducted several studies and evaluations of Development Education initiatives at primary, post-primary and initial teacher education level, and has recently completed an evaluation of a North-South partnership process for higher education and research development involving Irish, South African, Tanzanian and Ugandan institutions.



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