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UNIDEV Open Lecture Series

Kimmage DSC is one of three European organisations working together on the “UNIDEV – Bridging the gap between theory and practice” project. This project aims to raise public awareness and understanding of development issues, poverty and the MDG agenda in order to stimulate debate and action in support of fairer relations between the Global North and the Global South. Our partners are NGO Support Centre – Cyprus and Pontis Foundation – Slovakia.

As part of our collaboration we have invited two speakers Stella Maranga, Gender and Governance Advisor at UN Women, Kenya; and Silas Siakor, Sustainable Development Institute, Liberia to present in open lectures.



UNIDEV Open Lecture Series
Wednesday 19th February 2014
Silas Siakor: Globalisation, land rights and natural resource management
Venue: John Hume Theatre, Lecture Room 4 (North Campus), NUIM
Registration:Register at the event.
Thursday 20th February 2014
Stella Maranga: Gender & development priorities in a post 2015 context
Silas Siakor:Natural Resources and Land Rights priorities in a post 2015 context
Venue: Irish Aid Volunteering and Information Centre, O'Connell St., Dublin 1.
Register:To register for the event please click here or email niamh.rooney@kimmagedsc.ie.





The UNIDEV project is funded by the European Union.




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