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Rose Oluoch

Rose Oluoch

Rose Oluoch

Dr. Rose Oluoch (BA, MA, Ph D) is an occasional lecturer in Human Rights for the MA programme at Kimmage DSC. She is also the co-ordinator of the BA programme in MS-TCDC in Arusha, Tanzania, where she lectures in Policy Analysis and Advocacy, Human Rights Based Approach to Development, Conflict Resolution and research methods.

Rose has worked in countries such as the USA, Sweden, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania. She has worked on a consultancy level with World Vision, Africa Wildlife Foundation, Federation for African Women and Safeworld. She has worked in collaboration with many international agencies from, UNICEF, World Food Programme and the European Union to Action Aid International, CARE and Save the Children (UK).

Rose is a member of the Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI), MDF/EFSA and PEACENET, Kenya amongst others. She is currently undertaking research comparing the peace building processes of Gacaca of Rwanda and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa.

Email: oluochr@mstcdc.or.tz

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