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KODE Courses 2018 – Spotlight on

Our work at Kimmage DSC is supported by many wonderful people around the world who may not be familiar to our alumni given that they work remotely and you would not have had the opportunity to meet them in person in Kimmage Manor.  This is particularly true of the fantastic tutors on the KODE programme so we have decided to turn the spotlight on our KODE tutors by way of introduction and also as a thank-you to these tutors.

So let’s start with Tina Musuya in Uganda.  Tina is the Executive Director for Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention (Raising Voices), with extensive experience in working with communities, institutions and policy makers to prioritize violence prevention in Uganda.  Tina is responsible for all programmatic oversight for CEDOVIP work.  She brings 9 years of leadership experience in activism for promoting women’s rights in Uganda, with special skills in community mobilization for prevention of violence against women.

She is pro-active and bears a track record of mentoring willing individuals into ‘Everyday Activists’ who stand up and act to prevent violence against women in their own relationships and communities through experience of engaging policy makers including Members of Parliament, and Community leaders on policies to address violence against women.  Tina provided leadership to the successful advocacy process for passing of the Domestic Violence Act in Uganda and is committed to creating a conducive environment to enable the Act to function.

Tina brings her wealth of experience to the KODE programme where she tutors on the Understanding and Addressing Gender-Based Violence course and more recently, on the Gender Programming for HIV course.  The latter was designed and written by Joanne Manchester and Mary Myaya, two more accomplished women who lend their expertise to the KODE programme.  This course comes to life with Tina’s experience and expertise given the crucial impact of gender, and gender based violence on HIV.

Check out the KODE 2018 course schedule for your opportunity to engage with Tina in 2018!


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