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Vietnamese Visitors Attending DSAI Conference

Đôn Tuần Phương (Director, CSDS, 2nd right) and Vũ Duy Kiên (Project Co-ordinator, CSDS) with Rob Kevlihan and Paddy Reilly

Đôn Tuần Phương (2nd right) and Vũ Duy Kiên with Rob Kevlihan and Paddy Reilly

On Thursday 24th and Friday 25th November, we will be well-represented at the annual Development Studies Association of Ireland conference being held in the Harold’s Cross Education and Research Centre, Dublin.  The conference this year is entitled “Beyond Aid?  Innovative Models for Social Justice.” Rob Kevlihan is a member of the Steering Group of DSAI and Convenor of the Humanitarian Action Study Group.

Both Paddy Reilly and Fiona Baily (who is newly affiliated to Kimmage as a Research Associate) will be presenting papers to a Panel discussing North-South Partnerships in Higher Education: Critical Reflections.   Fiona, (whom many of our readers will know as a Graduate of Kimmage too) will be presenting a paper on ‘North-South Partnerships for Higher Education and Research Development: A Critical Analysis’.  Paddy will be presenting on the findings of a study he has done on the long-running partnership between Kimmage and MS-TCDC in Arusha (Tanzania), under the heading ‘A Review of Higher Education Collaboration for Development Practitioners: Two Decades On.’  

Also attending the conference are our two Vietnamese visitors, Đôn Tuần Phương (Director) and Vũ Duy Kiên (Project Co-ordinator), from our partner organisation in Hanoi, Vietnam, the Center for Sustainable Development Studies.

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