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Brynne Gilmore

Brynne Gilmore

Brynne Gilmore

Brynne is a Teaching Associate at Kimmage DSC. Brynne specialises in applied global health research for programme design and implementation, specifically for community-based and maternal and child health interventions. She holds a BSc from McMaster University in Canada and an MSc in Global Health from Trinity College Dublin. She is currently doing her doctorate in Global Health at Trinity College, working on a realist evaluation of a community systems strengthening project.


She has lived and worked in East Africa for 3 years on several community programmes. More recently, she has worked on a WHO work project, and consulted for several INGOs within Africa and the Middle East. She is currently a co-investigator on research projects taking place in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon. Brynne is a Director of the Irish Forum for Global Health and involved in the design and implementation of student focused workshops through the IFGH. She has lectured in UCD and teaches on the Masters in Global Health (TCD) programme.


Brynne teaches on Health Policy/Human Resources for Health, Determinants of Health, and Reproductive Maternal and Child Health on the Health & Development module.



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