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Child Safeguarding and Protection in Development

Child Protection and Safeguarding

The following Child Protection and Safeguarding Resources are available:

KODE Child Safeguarding and Protection in Development Practice Course

In June 2013, Kimmage DSC launched the KODE Child Safeguarding and Protection in Development Practice eight week, tutor supported, distance education course. We believe this course is an important contribution to building capacity for child safeguarding and protection in the international development sector as it enables participants to fully understand their own and their organisation’s roles and responsibilities in relation to child protection/ safeguarding. Course outline, schedule and application form available here.

Keeping Children Safe is an international network of 28 development organisations that strives to ensure that children globally are safeguarded and protected from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation. It was formed in 2001 by some of the leading international development agencies in response to incidences of abuse and exploitation of children.

Tools & Resources

Keeping Children Safe has developed a number of excellent tools and resources. We have worked together with Keeping Children Safe to offer two of these resources in an on-line, self-directed format.

Introduction to Child Safeguarding

This exercise will guide you through an overview of Child Safeguarding including the minimum requirements of child safeguarding and why they are so important to you and your organisation. The materials are designed to provide clear and practical explanations of what child safeguarding is, and how child safeguarding can be put into practice in our everyday work. The exercises also explain what child safeguarding policy and procedures mean in everyday practice for organisations.

Organisational Self-Audit Tool

The purpose of this Organisational Self Audit Tool is to enable organisations to identify their strengths and weakness of their structures, policies and practice in relation to child safeguarding and to address any gaps in these areas. This exercise will bring you through a number of questions under five key headings. On completion, you will receive a colour coded visual representation of how ‘healthy’ your organisation in devising and implementing your child safeguarding policies, practices and procedures.

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