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Keeping Children Safe


The purpose of this self-audit is to help you to understand your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in keeping children safe.

Key Learning Points

  • All organisations do some things to keep children safe.
  • Sometimes the experience and knowledge that staff have about keeping children safe is shared by only a few, and it is hard for others to learn from them as nothing is written down.
  • Some organisations place too much responsibility for child safeguarding with one or two persons.
  • Often organisations do not recognise where the gaps in their child safeguarding measures are or know or what to do about those gaps.

Duration: 30 minutes

This resource was developed by the Keeping Children Safe network. The purpose of this Organisational Self Audit Tool is to enable organisations to identify
their strengths and weakness of their structures, policies and practices in relation to child safeguarding and to address any gaps in these areas.

This exercise will bring you through a number of questions under five key headings. On completion, the resource will generate a colour coded visual representation of how ‘healthy’ your organisation in devising and implementing your child safeguarding policies, practices and procedures. You will be able to print out these results.

The information you enter into this Self Audit Tool is confidential. Your information will be stored in a Google Drive document restricted to the Kimmage DSC domain and password protected. A report created from this document, containing your contact details only (not your responses), will periodically be made to a Keeping Children Safe representative for the sole purpose of sending you further information about child safeguarding resources and updates.

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