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Guidelines on Submission

Research and Perspectives on Development Practice Series

General overview

Papers should give an outline of the topic, research undertaken and a summary of findings and analysis. Papers should reflect original, previously unpublished work and should not exceed 5,000 words in length. For examples of previous papers, please click here. 

Formatting & Style

Papers should be written in an accessible fashion, i.e., the topics and language of contributions should not be too specialised nor overly technical. The papers should be of a good standard of English. Arguments will be better understood if they are presented simply and in less complex sentences. Short sentences and paragraphs, within a clear and minimal structure, are best suited to electronic publications. We look for consistency in style and format, which allows for a smoother editorial process. Authors should provide well-structured arguments and demonstrate a clear understanding of the key issues under discussion. Clear referencing is essential and the author’s main arguments should always be strengthened with empirical evidence and/or support from relevant literature. The text should be formatted using Times New Roman Font (12 point), 1.5 line spacing and a margin of 3cm all round. The use of graphs and illustrations should be kept to a minimum.


All references should follow the Kimmage DSC Referencing Style Guide. See the Research and Perspectives: Resources page.


All submissions should follow UK spelling and usage (for example organisation not organization, centre not center) except in the case of proper nouns.


The numbers one to ninety-nine should be spelled out except when referring specifically to data or measurements. Ordinal numbers should be spelled out, as in ‘thirteenth’ or ‘twentieth century’. Authors should try, as far as possible, to refer to decades numerically and not colloquially i.e. the 1990s rather than ‘the Nineties’. A number or year at the start of a sentence should be spelled out, as in ‘Five studies were carried out…’ or ‘Nineteen ninety-four began with a series…’


Write ‘per cent’, not %

Acronyms and Capitalisation

If an organisation etc. is known by an acronym, for the first occurrence quote the full name followed by the acronym in brackets. For example, Irish Aid (IA). Please do not use full stops in acronyms, e.g. UK not U.K., USA not U.S.A. Acronyms may be used for the sake of brevity, particularly where a commonly used term is to be employed frequently throughout the article, for example: development education (DE); non-governmental organisations (NGOs); transnational corporations (TNCs). However, authors should keep the use of capitalisation to a minimum, except in the case of proper nouns and recognised curricular subjects: the global North/South, East, West; North America, Western Europe, South East Asia; north/south of Ireland; Geography, Politics, etc.

Verb Tense

Choose a verb tense and maintain its use throughout the text. In discussions of the literature, it is recommended to always use the past tense, for example ‘Harvey (2010) has argued that…’

Submission Procedure

Papers should be submitted in electronic format to Paddy Reilly at Submissions should be accompanied by an abstract (150 words max.) summarising the main arguments and conclusions of the paper. A separate title page should also accompany the paper, with the title of the paper and the names, affiliations, brief biographical details and full contact details of the author. Please note that the titles of papers should be brief, i.e., they should not exceed 10 words.

Review process

Papers will be reviewed anonymously by an Editorial Advisory panel, which will recommend which papers can be published. Contributors may be asked to revise early drafts of papers submitted prior to publication.

Final Submission Checklist

Each Research and Perspectives paper should contain:

  • A title
  • The author’s name
  • An abstract (150 words)
  • Short biographical details of the author. i.e. briefly describing the author’s background, occupation, organisation (if applicable), and research and interests
  • The author’s address and contact details, including email. You may indicate which of these details, if any, you wish to be published
  • A full bibliography of all sources cited in alphabetical order

Any further queries regarding submission of a paper can be made to Paddy Reilly at:

Tel: (353) (0)1 4064 385

Mob (353) (0)87 2630986

Kimmage Development Studies Centre

Kimmage Manor

Whitehall Road

Dublin 12

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