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Student Testimonials

These short clips come from our students at our End of Year ceremony 2013 and 2014. Our students explain how their learning experiences at Kimmage gave them the skills, confidence and knowledge needed for their development work in Ireland and abroad. As well as contributing to their professional development, our learners also experience great personal development and enjoyment during their studies at Kimmage DSC. Click on the thumbnails to hear what they had to say.

Neal Hegarty from Cork, talks about his experience at Kimmage, the uncertainties of what Development is and how he himself now views Development.
Amaka Okonkwo, from Dundalk and Nigeria, came to Kimmage to study for her BA in Development Studies. As well as improving her skills and confidence in development work, she also improved her critical thinking, her communication skills and her abilities working as part of and with groups. She plans to apply her skills & knowledge to empower marginalised groups.
Saeed from Pakistan, was sponsored by TrĂ³caire to study in Kimmage. He says "We explored various perspectives, issues and many interesting debates on development ... The course was great and I really benefited from the knowledge of the lecturers".
Shane came to study in Kimmage after completing a course International Aid & Development in Ballsbridge College of Further Education. He says of Kimmage, "Not only have we gained a multitude of skills but we have discussed what is right and wrong' we've discussed what's the best thing to do and what we should do - and they can be completely different things".
Mari Clare from Ireland reflects on what has learned, how she has been inspired by her classmates who come from several countries, and how the lecturers challenge - and are challenged by - the course participants. She says the staff embrace and enable all students to meet challenges in their future work as development practitioners.
Catherine Mahoro who grew up in Kenya has a background in Accounting. She hopes to change systems, policies and structures in East Africa some day by applying her knowledge.
Daud, from Somalia says that Kimmage sees diversity as a source of richness, and that he found the lecturers encouraging and welcoming. He hopes to bring home the message of equality and feels he can now put theory in development practice.
Josephine from Uganda, and a recipient of the Irish Aid fellowship says that despite the challenge of the course she will remember her time in Kimmage with a smile. She found the lecturers hospitable and accommodating and says that she and her classmates themselves developed greatly during their time at Kimmage.
Victor, is a Nigerian citizen and works in Ethiopia as a Catholic priest. He praises the opportunity to test and examine one's experience of development work at Kimmage and says he would not hesitate to recommend Kimmage Development Studies Centre.

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