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graduation2012Kimmage graduates are located all over the the world in a wide range of roles. Many work in senior management positions in NGOs, Faith-Based Organisations and in local governments in countries including Ethiopia, Indonesia, Lesotho, Malawi, Timor-Leste, Uganda, Vietnam, and Zambia.  Graduates are among UN staff and volunteers in Sierra Leone, Nepal, Afghanistan and Mozambique, community development facilitators in Peru, Liberia, Myanmar and Ireland, as well as human rights and peace activists in Pakistan, Tanzania and Sri Lanka.

Our reputation is established by our many graduates who work as activists such as Silas Siakor, conservationists like Bayarjargal Agvaantseren,  Maria Keating, UNDP Country Director for Kenya and Maanda Ngoitiko, founder of the Pastoral Women’s Council of Tanzania. Some of our gradates go on to apply their learning from Kimmage to perhaps less obvious areas such as film making and business. You can view profiles of a selection of our graduates here.

We are delighted to hear from our graduates at any time throughout the year. Feel free to drop us a line and tell us where you are and what you are doing, or join our Alumni Association.



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