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Zenebe Mekonnen

Zenebe Mekonnen

Zenebe Mekonnen

Name: Zenebe Mekonnen
Nationality: Ethiopia
Course taken: MA Development Studies (completed 2006)
Current work title / position: Development Consultant /  Planning, Monitoring and evaluation adviser, Ethiopia

“I was impressed by the combination and variety of courses available as part of the MA programme. It covers most of the contemporary thinking in DEVELOPMENT – from human rights to sustainable livelihoods, gender, economics, environment, politics, leadership …The lecturers were highly accessible and supportive in a friendly manner, which makes one to feel like a family member.  Kimmage is a small centre but rich in development-oriented resources, which reveals the center’s commitment to be truly a centre of excellence in development studies.

KDSC attracts student with diverse backgrounds from around the world.  We gained a lot from this diversity, particularly in bringing in country experiences into different class discussions. I also liked the student assessment methods, it was entirely essay based. Though tough, in terms of the time and reading required, it significantly contributed to enhancement in critical thinking ability and writing skills.

Most of the KDSC courses are highly practical. I attended the livelihoods elective, which enabled me to have a wider view of livelihood dynamics. This significantly helped me in the development and management of a livelihood improvement programme I was working on following completion of my MA.  Moreover, the project planning and management (PPM) course was also an important input for proposal development, and day-to-day management of projects. Currently, I am working as monitoring and evaluation adviser and the M&E component of the PPM was a good starting point for my career”.

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