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Tesfu Kahsay

tesfukahsaybigName: Tesfu Kahsay
Nationality: Ethiopian
Course taken: MA Development Studies (completed 2009)
Current work title / position: Livelihoods Advisor for the UK Department for International Development (DFID) in Ethiopia.

“It would not be an exaggeration if I start with saying Kimmage Development Studies Centre is the one of the best places for study and centre of excellence for Development Studies.

I found Kimmage to be the right place to study, live in and get the required services needed for all purposes related to study. Because it is a small college in terms of size of the compound and number of students, it provides ample space for student instructor’s interaction in academic life. Instructor’s offices are always open to students to raise any queries and dialogue on various subject matters that are not clear to them. All instructors are very knowledgeable, have a huge experience in teaching, easy to approach, and their amicability makes Kimmage Development Studies Centre unique. As the saying goes: “small is beautiful!”

Our planet has become one village in which we are all connected in some way or another to live in a globalized world despite its mixed benefit. Challenges facing this world are numerous. It could range from political and social to economic and environmental. To solve these challenges either partially or fully requires profound understanding of the socio-political and economic aspects of specific countries in particular and global trends in general. Hence, KDSC is the right institution and is well placed to render and equip students with knowledge, skill and experience in any areas related to Development Studies in a quality manner.

All courses are well tailored and rich in content to help students have broad understanding of development. The diversity of courses enables students to have robust understanding of development aspects regardless of their previous educational background and work experience. The methodologies employed render various courses as student friendly. Teaching style is not just, as Paulo Ferera said, ‘a banking system of education’, but is instead based on constructive dialogue and two-way communication. It provides opportunities to students to reflect on their own experience and learn from each other.

The knowledge, skills and experiences that I obtained from KDSC has helped me to develop both professionally and in my personal life. It was a real experience for me to learn and live in with people from different cultures and backgrounds. As a development professional, we are expected to interact and work with people of various background and culture. In this regard, the experience and skills that I obtained from Kimmage have been very helpful in social life and remains unforgettable for many years to come.  Professionally I would say I have benefited in many aspects. Knowledge gained from the study has contributed to boost my confidence to constructively engage, dialogue and discourse on various issues with wide range of actors. In an effort to develop my career, securing an MA in Development Studies has enabled me to become more competent in the market”.

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