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Rosette Mutesi

rosettemutesibigName: Rosette Mutesi 
Nationality: Ugandan
Course taken: MA Development Studies (completed 2008)
Current work title / position: Development Consultant

“The year I spent at Kimmage is probably one of the key turning points in my life. Before joining Kimmage, I had heard stories of how “small” the campus is, and how literally everyone knows everyone. This was definitely going to be a different experience for me considering my Economics class during my BA studies was approximately 500 students. But in my view, this was my most enjoyable aspect of studying at Kimmage. I love and treasure the fact that each of us on campus was a student, known by a name and cared for by the others as opposed to my previous experience where we were identified by a registration number.  As a matter of fact, I remember one of the students from one of the bigger universities used to make fun of the “smallness of Kimmage” and I used to say we are happy as we don’t have to get lost amidst tall buildings and overflowing classes.

The next best thing in my experience of Kimmage was the approach to learning. Throughout the year, we always sat in a circle, face to face with each other and with the lecturers. Class was always interactive no matter how difficult the subject seemed. In my view, this relaxed learning environment greatly contributed to my personal learning and participation during class.

Personally, the writing, reading and analysis skills I developed at Kimmage stand out as most useful for my work. The feedback and mentoring that I received on the course continue to come in handy in my work as a consultant and a community development worker.

As a result of my studies, I gained a broader understanding of the theory of development practice to match the experience and real life challenges of development work. Personally important for me as well has been the ‘sustainable livelihoods framework’, which I have found relevant and applicable in most contexts of my work.

The social research skills I gained during the course also stand out for me. As a private consultant, I have to undertake studies, evaluations and write proposals for clients and to date, my notes and comments still come in handy.

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