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Ole Morten Stavland

olemartinbigName: Ole Morten Stavland
Nationality: Norwegian
Course taken: MA Development Studies (completed 2009)
Current work title / position: Resident Representative for Norwegian Lutheran Mission in Indonesia

“One approach of Kimmage is to build upon the knowledge and experience that the group of students already holds, which greatly contributed to broadening the scope of the teaching.

The general atmosphere of the college is, in my experience, one of curious and critical thinking in a positive and informal environment. I found myself to be quite challenged in terms of my own perceptions and assumptions about development. But, as a student, one gets through it in a reflective way, and you probably leave Kimmage a better – and hopefully humbler – practitioner.

The multi-level approach to development studies, combining broad ideas and practical methodology, is another thing I liked about Kimmage.

Kimmage manages the masterpiece of linking development thinking on all levels: From macro-level sociology/anthropology and economics, via community level practices, to personal development and leadership. Particularly the latter, I found both challenging and useful. Ethical reflection is at the foundation of all learning in Kimmage, which I also find influences me in my present daily work”.



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