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Metti Solomon

Metti Solmon

Metti Solmon

Name: Metasebia Solomon
Nationality: Ethiopian 
Course taken: MA Development Studies (completed Nov 2006)
Current work title / position: Planning Manager, World Vision Ethiopia

“Kimmage DSC is a place where development practitioners come from the different corners of the world to share experiences in a very good interactive and motivating atmosphere.  Its remarkably warm and friendly environment makes everyone feel at home.

I have fond memories of the welcoming attitude of the highly qualified instructors, the interesting courses on offer, the kindness of the support staff, the attractive class room settings, the group discussions and reflections between lecturers and participants. What is more, Kimmage makes a special effort to encourage students to participate in various extra- curricular activities related to development in and outside the school during their time as a student.  I also value the fact that Kimmage creates opportunities to remain in touch with its graduates through lasting efforts of networking and communication.

My stay at Kimmage has laid a valuable foundation for my career in development.  Currently I work as a Planning Manager for World Vision Ethiopia, one of the largest and well known international NGOs in my country.  As part of my responsibilities, I am engaged in developing strategies, guidelines and manuals for assessment, planning and designing of programs and projects.  I coordinate appraisals and review processes to assure quality of programming and to ensure the alignment of our programmes with the global, regional and national World Vision partnership.

Considering where I am now, I would like to say that Kimmage was truly a life-changing experience for me.  As well the professional development I have gained from Kimmage. I have also experienced a great deal of personal growth during my Kimmage days”.



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