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Jirm Galgallo

Name: James Jirm Galgallo
Nationality: Kenyan 
Course taken: MA Development Studies (completed Nov 2009)
Current work title / position: Development Coordinator of the Catholic Diocese of Marsabit, Kenya

“What I enjoyed about the KDSC Development Studies programme was the opportunities that were are created for students to learn from each other as well and the space for experiential learning based on the experiences from the developing nations. At the same time high standards and professionalism were expected from students and staff alike”

Kimmage is a college that is run with a family spirit (looking out for the needs of each other). When it came to assignments and research work, lecturers were always available for consultation if required

In terms of my current work as Development Coordinator in the Catholic Diocese of Marsabit, the MA programme has benefited me in many ways. I am now keen before starting any new project to read widely and look out for what various writers have said about a particular subject.  Kimmage has also taught me the importance of team spirit and listening to views of all staff: I have created different forums for discussions within our organization. All staff receive relevant information in order to effectively contribute to organizational goal”



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