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Margaret Allieu (2010)

Margaret Allieu

Margaret Allieu

One of the things that have remained with me from Kimmage experience is the method of learning as there is a vast difference in our own way. Here in Sierra Leone, the lecturers, teachers do almost everything for students, in which case we are not really exposed to ‘critical thinking’. Is like everything is poured into our heads and during exams, we give back to them what have been received. In Kimmage it is rather the contrary. Lecture is done through facilitation/questioning and lecturers encourage us to come up with answers/solutions to problems in group work/discussion and presentation, then the floor is opened for opinions from colleagues.

This Kimmage style has helped me in my development work. I happen to be working with Community-Based Rehabilitation Volunteers who are trained quiet often in their roles/responsibilities, disability issues and Inclusive Education. I personally have employed this Kimmage method of learning. During training workshops, I only guide participants who through brainstorming and plenary discussions, group work and presentation are able to come up with issues that are greatly affecting our children living with disability, ways of minimizing them and methods of inclusion. With this, the work is going on well and has somehow eased my work.
Besides, the coordination and team work among us greatly helped all of us in our academic work at KDSC. All of us had the concern to ensure that our assignments and proper referencing was done and on time. I have incorporated this in my development work. The Inclusive Education is implemented in five districts in Sierra Leone. During our orientation, I personally pleaded with colleagues to work as one, that any difficulty envisaged in the work, should be communicated across to come up with a way forward for the success of the Project, and with this, we are doing great.
In a nutshell, with the skills learnt at KDSC I am making a positive impact on the lives of the most vulnerable groups I am currently working for to improve their living conditions. As I see positive developmental changes happening in the communities I am working. Kimmage is GREAT I must confess and I thank God for having the opportunity to be part of the KDSC family.


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