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Francesca Edet (2013)

Francesca Edet

Francesca Edet

Kimmage as we know has a commitment to train people from different parts of the world to participate in development strategies, influence policy in their given environment as well as facilitate people to become agents of change in their society. If there is a place in the world where people of different cultures, creed and ideologies and developed a common bond, respect and acceptance of each other for a common good, that place is Kimmage: a true symbol of a global family which is beautiful and unique.

Presently I live and work in the Institute for Formators Du near Jos in Nigeria. As a formator, I engage in a ministry that invites me to educate, form and accompany priests and religious who in turn will become formators in their different Dioceses and Religious Congregations. I have entered into the ministry with a sense of attentiveness to individual and group needs and with an appreciation of the different stages of group growth. Inviting adult learners to pay attention to what is happening to them as individuals through self-awareness exercises, and critical listening and reflection is a process that has to be handled with delicate sensitivity and confidentiality. I have experienced the challenges and the beauty of team collaboration and have learnt to respect other team members as I saw demonstrated in Kimmage. At every given opportunity, I try to use the participatory approach to learning with a maximum use of life experiences to support and facilitate new learning for the purpose of transformation.
In the beginning of this story, I used three basic dynamics to express my personal sense of achievement to educate, to form and to accompany. These three methods consistently triangulate to bring about a cycle of action reflection and action thereby continually evoking creativity in the midst of all kinds of challenges as is being experienced in Nigeria today. The task of educating is born out of a strong and tender love which demands infinite patience and benevolence. This kind of patience according to Cincini is of a farmer who waits and respects the period of nature, but also with the energy of working in the fields. The energy that is stronger than the possible refusal on the part of the one who would prefer the inertia of dependency rather than the courage of discovering and affirming one’s own identity.
If to educate is to till the ground, to form becomes the soil in which the vitality of the seed as an irrepressible and heralding force of life falls to the ground and dies so that new life can emerge. The emergence of this new life calls for a regular accompaniment. I place myself beside the adult learners to share with them a part of their faith journey and life so that they may discover themselves as the gift of God and respond in freedom and with responsibility to whatever mission might be put before them by their Congregations and Dioceses. Using the agricultural analogy, the preparation of the ground=education, the sowing of the good seed=formation and the accompaniment implies all the attentions that the good farmer dedicates and reserves to the plant that is in the process of growing.

In addition to this ministry of being an educator- formator, I also used the skills acquired in Kimmage for essay writing and research to publish articles in Diocesan Newsletters, Catholic Women’s Magazine for public enlightenment on issues of human rights, child protection and advocacy as I learnt in the DTALKS. With two other Sisters I co-authored a book in 2013 on the history of the Daughters of Charity in Nigeria titled “Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul in Nigeria 1963-2013”. Studying in Kimmage DSC for me was a singular privilege.

Experiencing the hospitality of the people of Ireland is a gift that will stay with me for as long as I live. Ireland for me is a home away from home. I can proudly say that in my work today I stand firmly on the shoulders of people who have mentored and nurtured me. God bless Kimmage DSC. God bless the good people of Ireland and congratulations on this 40th anniversary celebration.
Francesca Edet,
Daughter of Charity,








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