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Patricia Hallahan (1985)

Studying at Kimmage after 2 years working as a volunteer with Concern in Bangladesh in the early 1980s was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on that seminal experience and to share with like-minded individuals from all over the globe. I enjoyed my time in Kimmage so much, cycling there and back from Phibsborough every day and in general having an inordinate amount of fun. I was challenged and affirmed in equal measure by colleagues and teachers. Memorable names from that time include Dick Quinn (oh for a one armed economist!), Abba Gabriel (from the court of Haile Selassie), Cris Mulvey, Anna Farmar, Simeon (who I learned so much from because we had such different views on practically everything), Aidan Gillan, Michaela Vitz, Mary McEvoy, Ed du Vivier and the inimitable and wonderful Paddy Reilly. Passing the exams with distinction gave me the courage and interest to continue studying, gaining an MSc and an MBA along the way and having a long, brilliant, interesting and exciting career over the last nearly 30 years with APSO, Self Help, Concern, Trócaire, Sight Savers International, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, The National Dementia Services Centre in St James’s Hospital and my current role where I have been for the last 4 years. Thank you Kimmage!

Patricia Hallahan

Current work title / position: Director of Education, Research and Training at Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services, Harold’s Cross, Dublin.

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