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Facilitation for Transformation

Code KD610
Module Status Elective
Facilitator Paddy Reilly
Contact Hours 23
Credits 5

Module Aim

This module aims to develop and enhance within participants their capabilities and confidence to engage in the facilitation of others in order to effect change and ultimately, transformation of their contexts. It aims to do this within an adult learning environment, shaped by an exploration of key perspectives, practices, principles and personal reflection.

Module Objectives

  • To practice and explore various methods and approaches of working with other adult learners
  • To identify and assess some key principles of facilitating others within a ‘development’ and/or ‘transformative’ context
  • To review relevant literature in order to critique some theoretical underpinnings of facilitation
  • To enable all participants to critically reflect upon their own personal development challenges in order to facilitate change in others

Module Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of this module, participants should be able to:

  • Discern the usefulness and appropriateness of different methods, tools, techniques and approaches in effectively facilitating adults towards their goals;
  • Demonstrate a capacity for critical reflection on the values that are inherent in the task of facilitating others within a development or personal transformation context;
  • Have the competence and confidence to clearly articulate an awareness and appreciation of key theories and concepts of facilitation for development outcomes


The module is presented over 4 days. Each session will include a combination of methods, including, group exercises within which each participant will have an opportunity to facilitate, presentations on particular themes by the course facilitator, and smaller and larger group discussions on topics arising. From the outset, the module will be a collaborative and interactive adult learning space, where different ways of enabling the facilitation of others can be experienced and reflected upon.

Module Content

The module content will consist of participants working through the following themes and topics:

  • Perspectives
    • identifying theoretical frameworks for facilitation and transformation;
    • exploring different concepts and models of facilitating
  • Practices
    • “learning by doing” – trying out various techniques and methods
    • developing ‘know-how’ and ‘know-when’ skills in working effectively with groups
    • discerning the purpose of one’s facilitation in particular contexts
    • enhancing skills in selection and use of resources, materials and tools
    • reflecting on experiences of doing facilitation
  • Principles
    • examining some of the key values inherent in the task of facilitating for ‘development’ or transformation’
    • recognising and building upon one’s own styles, preferences and inner resourcefulness



Details of assessment and up to date reading lists for this module will be made available to learners following enrolment.
Please note that this description is subject to change.



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