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Results Based Monitoring & Evaluation

Start Date

5 May - 2 June


This course can be taken anywhere in the world.


Fee on application

Course Duration: 5 weeks


Course Aims

Tailored specifically to the needs of busy development project staff, this distance education course in Results Based Monitoring and Evaluation aims to empower you:

  • To understand and apply international “best practice” standards when planning development projects
  • To learn why monitoring is key to the successful implementation and management of development projects
  • To know how to create your own Monitoring Plan
  • To understand the differences between participatory and conventional approaches to monitoring and evaluation and how to combine the best of both methodologies
  • To draw up clear, well-focused Terms of Reference for Evaluations
  • To know how to carry out a project or programme evaluation effectively
  • To write professional, useful Evaluation Reports

What’s covered?

  • Unit 1: Monitoring In Perspective
  • Unit 2: Monitoring In Practice
  • Unit 3 Evaluation in Perspective
  • Unit 4 Evaluation In Practice

See full course outline.


The deadline for applications is 21/04/2018.

For further information, please email Capacity Development Services (cds@kimmagedsc.ie) or phone +353 (1) 4064424.

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Results Based Monitoring & Evaluation

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