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Results Based Management for Development

Start Date

13 November
9:30 am - 5:00 pm


Fee on application

This 5-day module runs from Monday 13 to Friday 17 November 2017.

Note: This is a module on our MA in International Development programme. It can be taken as part of the Master’s programme or as a single module. Single Modules are ideal for learners who wish to update professional knowledge, enhance their career, or sample the MA/PG Dip programme. This option involves submitting assignments etc. for recognised academic credit (see fees for Single Modules).

You may also attend this module as a participant (not for academic credit).

Module Aims

This module aims to enable participants to gain critical knowledge, analyse current development trends and develop practical skills in planning for development which can be applied to strengthen their current experience and expertise.

Module Objectives

  • To explore and critically analyse different development theories and approaches to project/programme planning and management, with a particular focus on participatory and results based approaches.
  • To develop participants’ knowledge of, and ability to critically reflect on, the different stages of the project/programme cycle and associated activities, in particular problem analysis, defining results, project design, and monitoring and evaluation.
  • To enhance participants skills in preparing and defending project/programme funding proposals.
  • To encourage participants to critically reflect on issues around project/programme planning and management in the context of North South aid and development partnership and practice, particularly in the context of participants’ own prior experiences.

Module Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the participants are expected to:

  • Have developed a critical awareness of different theories and approaches to development project/programme planning and management.
  • Have developed a broad understanding of planning and management management processes, and in particular; have developed competence in participatory and results based processes.
  • Have developed and/or enhanced their skills and ability in formulating and objectively appraising a comprehensive results based framework and related project/programme funding proposals which meet current donor funding criteria.
  • Have developed the confidence and skills to critically reflect on issues and challenges around project/programme planning and management in the context of North South aid and partnerships praxis.

Module Content

 Project/programme planning and management

  • Theories and approaches to development project/programme planning and management
  • A critical analysis of Managing for Development Results and Results Based Management
  • Process versus blueprint planning models – a critique
  • The participatory-blueprint continuum
  • Assessing approaches, complementary or alternative?

Results Based Management

  • The project/programme cycle – an exploration of the process
  • Participatory models for project identification and design
    • Participatory problem analysis
    • Stakeholder analysis
    • Participatory objective analysis
    • Defining SMART objectives
    • Developing a results based framework
  • Participatory models for monitoring and evaluation
    • An analysis of monitoring and evaluation
    • Establishing indicators
    • Gender aware indicators
    • Impact assessment theory

Project/programme funding proposal

  • Critical analysis of donor requirements in relation to development trends
  • Donor expectations – bureaucratic burden or necessity for success?
  • Essential components of a strong proposal
  • Presentation, readability, credibility
  • A review of commonly applied appraisal criteria


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Results Based Management for Development

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