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Managing for Results and Accountability

Start Date

3 November - 8 December


This course can be taken anywhere in the world.


Fee on application

Course Duration: 5 weeks

(Note: this course was formerly called “Project Management, Governance, and Accountability”.)


Course Aims

Tailored specifically to the needs of busy development project managers, this distance education course in Managing for Results and Accountability aims to empower you:

  • To consider and apply Results Based Management principles in managing development projects.
  • To understand the different ways in which development organisations are accountable and to whom.
  • To be familiar with the different mechanisms for assuring accountability in practice.
  • To understand the links between governance & management of development organisations and accountability.
  • To appreciate the notion of ‘organisational culture’ and why it matters when it comes to accountability.
  • To prepare, monitor and manage budgets in accordance with the highest standards of accountability.
  • To design and implement appropriate financial control systems.
  • To understand the key concepts and practices of financial accounting.
  • To understand and prepare key financial statements.

What’s covered?

  • Unit 1 – Understanding Accountability
  • Unit 2 – Building Accountable Organisations
  • Unit 3 – All About Budgets – Preparing, Monitoring, Reporting
  • Unit 4 – Accounting For All Of It – The Full Financial Story

See full course outline.


To Apply

The deadline for applications is 20/10/2018.

For further information, please email Capacity Development Services (cds@kimmagedsc.ie) or phone +353 (1) 4064424.

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Managing for Results and Accountability

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