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Human Rights and Advocacy

Start Date

14 February
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm



This course will be offered over 10 Tuesday evenings (6.00 – 8.30pm) starting on Tuesday 14 February 2017 and running to April.

This course will develop participants’ understanding of a human rights based approach to international development with a critical exploration of advocacy as a tool for realising human rights.


Course Objectives

  • To critically understand debates related to human rights, globalisation and development in general
  • To explore the application of human rights based approaches to development and programming issues
  • To examine the role of advocacy in realising human rights and acquire skills on how to advocate for community-based issues using various tools

Course Content

Conceptualising Human Rights and Human Rights-based Approaches to Development

Introduction to Human Rights

  • Historical and philosophical antecedents of Human Rights
  • Introduction to Human Rights Instruments and Principles
  • Critiques of and debates about Human Rights as a normative framework for development

Exploring the relationship between Development and Human Rights

  • Development – critical issues regarding human needs and human rights
  • Globalisation, human rights and development
  • Is development a human right?
  • Development, poverty and human rights

Human Rights Based Approaches to Development

  • Introduction to HRBA
  • Benefits and Challenges of a HRBA to Development (Critical Analysis of Theory and Practice)

The Actors and players in Human Rights

  • A critical exploration of the role of Rights Holders and Duty Bearers
  • Power relations and human rights
  • Does a HRBA help communities to address the structural causes of poverty?

Programming for human rights based approaches to development

Building the agency of rights holders for respect for human rights

  • Building Awareness
  • Consciousness Raising with Rights Holders
  • Steps in Empowering Rights Holders
  • Organising and Mobilising Rights Holders

Taking action through Advocacy

  • Introduction to advocacy
  • Basic understanding of advocacy and related concepts
  • What is Advocacy?
  • A critical exploration of advocacy as a tool for realising human rights
  • Advocacy Processes (Advocacy Planning Cycle, Issue Analysis, and Identifying potential issue for advocacy, Key Players; Setting Objectives and Message development, Choosing Approaches to advocacy work)
  • Basic Tools for Advocacy (Lobbying, Use of Social Media, Projects and Site visits and Letter Writing)
  • Advocacy Strategy Development (Drawing up an Advocacy Plan, Goal; Objectives; Activities; Resources)


If you have any queries please contact the Applications office at applications@kimmagedsc.ie.
Note that this course is also available on a not-for-academic credit basis.

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Human Rights and Advocacy

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