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Gender and Development

Start Date

15 February
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm



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This course will be offered over 10 Wednesday evenings (6.00 – 8.30pm) starting on Wednesday 15 February and running to April.

Please note that this course is also a module in our MA in International Development programme. If you wish to attend this course for academic credit please contact applications@kimmagedsc.ie for further information on this option. The fees for this option, which will involve submitting assignments etc. for recognised academic credit, can be viewed here.

Module Aim

The aim of this course is to develop a greater understanding of the nature and importance of gender roles and gender relations in development processes, with a particular focus on project planning and management, and to introduce students to a range of gender analysis frameworks and tools which can be applied to promote greater gender awareness and equity in development interventions and organisations.

Module Objectives

  • To develop learners knowledge and understanding of theory and concepts around gender and gender relations
  • To provide background on the evolution of thinking and approaches around gender and development, and to explore and analysis the current main approaches
  • To explore why and how gender is a development issue, and critically reflect on a range of related debates and issues
  • To develop learners knowledge and understanding of gender analysis and its application in development practice, using a range of gender analysis frameworks and tools

Module Learning Outcomes

  • At the end of the course the participants are expected to have:
  • An understanding of key concepts and theory relating to gender.
  • Knowledge of the evolution of approaches to gender and development
  • A greater insight into and critical analysis of the relevance of gender in development, particularly in relation to key debates around the MDGs, powerand empowerment, and the feminisation of poverty.
  • Familiarity with and practice in applying a range of gender analysis frameworks and tools in development interventions.


Introduction to gender theory and concepts

  • Gender and related concepts
  • Gender identities and roles
  • Culture, socialisation and gender
  • Cultural change and gender relations
  • Gender, power relations, empowerment

Gender and development

  • Relevance of gender to the development process
  • Evolution of approaches to gender equality and gender and development
  • Gender and the Millenium Development Goals
  • The feminisation of poverty
  • Mainstreaming gender – policy and process

Gender analysis

  • What is gender analysis?
  • How and why would gender analysis be used in project planning?
  • Introduction to some gender analysis tools and frameworks


Please note that this description is subject to change.


If you have any queries please contact the Applications office at applications@kimmagedsc.ie.

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Gender and Development

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