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Irish Extractive Companies Operating in Africa: Attitudes to Anti-Corruption Transparency Regulations

This research takes place at a time when the extractive industry in the developing world is evolving rapidly. An increasing percentage of raw materials, such as hydrocarbons and minerals are being sourced in developing countries. In many countries the material wealth that is obtained from the extraction of raw materials is not filtering down to the citizens of the countries the raw materials are being extracted from. Many commentators believe opaque payments to host country governments by extractive companies facilitates corrupt officials misappropriation of these funds.

This research sets out to examine efforts to make payments more transparent in the extractive industry operating in developing countries. With several Irish companies now involved in the extraction of raw materials in Africa, their views and attitudes are examined. As are the views and attitudes of of Civil Society Organisations who advocate for transparency in the extractive industry.

The research primarily examines the British sponsored Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and the US Dodd-Frank Act, two approaches that strive to make payments in the extractive industry more transparent.


Michael Byrne 2011


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