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Characteristics of the Evangelical Faith-based Organisational Environment and its Role in Shaping Development Views and Practices: A Study of Norwegian Lutheran Mission

This thesis suggests that, to some extent, the hybrid characteristic of some mission organizations, combining evangelism and development activities, influences organizational learning, identity and understandings of purpose. This, in turn, seems to influence how development views and practices are being shaped among missionaries and other field workers. Furthermore, this thesis suggests that a high degree of commonality in terms of fundamental views and values among staff – in this case evangelical Christian faith – does not in itself guarantee a high degree of homogeneity in terms of development views and practices. However, a common faith basis may prove to be a good starting point in terms of forging a common identity and values, involving all aspects of organizational purpose. Furthermore, this thesis indicates the importance of proper and adapted systems of organizational learning in the process of internationalizing values into an organizational development ideology.

Ole Morten Stavland 2009
Read a short paper drawn from this thesis here.

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